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Refined Renovations is now a preferred general contractor for Backcountry Containers!

Backcountry Containers is a family owned and operated container home company. Using a combination of 20- and 40-foot containers, they create unique, functional, and modern dwelling structures.


Backcountry Containers build and delivers the container homes. A General Contractor is needed to provide additional services listed below. As a Preferred General Contractor, Refined Renovations has shown we have the experience and quality service to best install Backcountry Container homes.


  • Roof Top Deck - 40ft home (300sqft)

  • Ground Top Deck - 40ft home (300sqft)

  • Pergola - 40ft home (300 sqft)

  • Roof Top Deck - 20ft home (160sqft)

  • Ground Top Deck - 20ft home (160 sqft)

  • Pergola - 20ft home (160 sqft)


  • Gravel pads

  • Railroad ties

  • Concrete slab foundation

Electrical Hookup

  • Attach to existing source already on site

  • Solar Package

  • Power Generator Package

Water Systems

  • Attach to existing source already on site

  • Cistern Watering System

  • Freshwater Tank


  • Attach to existing source already on site

  • Septic Field (septic tank & soil absorption field)

Container homes are a great option for airbnbs, hunting cabins, accessory dwelling units, and more! They also have many commercial applications. To see examples of their work and to learn more about Backcountry Containers visit  their website.

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