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Creative Trends for Residential Homeowners

In the last several years the housing market has seen increasingly creative trends in how consumers approach building residential life. Off-the-grid living, container homes, and Airbnb rentals are just some of the ways that residents are taking creative power into their hands as homeowners, and as a result, they have created entirely new trends in the residential space.

Off-the-grid living

From renovating old vans to container homes to cabins in the woods, living off the grid is one of the most popular residential trends. With solar power improvements and expanded availability of cellular and internet access, it’s possible to get away from the clutter of the big city or the day-to-day suburban commute and make your life wherever you would like to. For many, this represents an overall change across all aspects of life. It requires an ability to downsize on expensive amenities that would come with managing a house in the city, in addition to creating a healthier, more active lifestyle from being in nature. An additional reason why this is trending is that technology has also improved in crucial residential areas like cooking, bathrooms, and more.

The way of the container home

A container home is a dwelling made from recycled steel shipping containers that may have been used as a cargo carrier on a ship, train, or truck, and having one is one of the most popular residential trends. The gravitation towards these types of homes has deep roots in economics. Rising costs of living are not as appealing to younger generations, and when you consider things like homeowners association fees and maintenance it gets even more expensive. Container homes certainly have their own costs like renovating them and a plot of land to keep them on, but they have fewer economic and functional downsides than a traditional home while being cheaper and holding their value longer.

More properties more Airbnb renters

Before Airbnb, it used to be the case that having a summer or holiday home was something reserved for the ultra-wealthy. However, the ability to rent it to other people through a safe platform, and in some cases on a long-term basis, has evened the playing field. There has been a 20% increase in people who are interested in owning a second home compared to before covid. Trends show that these secondary homes are only occupied 4-5 weeks a year leaving almost 11 months for owners to rent them out and turn a profit. If you combine that with the concept of being an Airbnb Mega Host, users who host multiple properties and apartments as a business, the trend of owning a second home is only on the rise.

Talk to the specialists

There has never been a time when being creative with your residential space has been easier and more flexible. No matter what direction you take, it’s always recommended to include a certified general contractor in your plans. Refined Renovations can do everything from consulting to completely spearheading all design, builds, and remodeling projects for your residential properties. Contact us today to learn more at or 713-319-4184.

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