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Home To-Do Checklist: April Spring Cleaning

With the last lingering freezing temperatures on their way out and the days getting longer, it’s an amazing time to blow away the cobwebs and refresh the home from the outside in. For tips on how to invigorate the home and jump-start your spring cleaning, read below.

1. Amp up the curb appeal by refreshing the yard and porch

Keeping in line with the renewed feeling of spring, April is a great time to think about upgrading the exterior of your home. Something as small as adding a new mailbox or improving the flower beds can make a huge impact on the look and appeal of your home. Also, make sure to refresh existing areas like the porch and other exterior points. Cleaning the outdoor furniture, siding, windows, and windowsills, or even a fresh cleaning of the front door can bring back life to your home’s exterior. There are many options to do these things yourself, but feel free to give us a call.

2. Check for Pesky Pest, Especially Termites

From now until the end of the summer be aware of one of the biggest nuisances to your homes:


There are two types of termites to look out for in your home. Dry wood termites can survive without water from the soil. When it comes to dry wood look, check your attic monthly for massive swarms of flying insects trying to enter your home. If you see wings, look for tunnels in the wood.

Subterranean termites require water from the soil to service. To find them, look for tunnels on the side of the house, and take notes of small piles of sawdust appearing around the house. If you see this, look for tunnels on the ground near the house.

3. Make Sure Your HVAC and AC are Prepared for the Summer Heat

While the winter may be fading away, keep in mind that summer is fast approaching. Take a chance now, while the weather and temperatures are mild, to ensure that your air conditioning is maintained.. Your home’s air quality is just as important. Take time out to have a professional clean and eliminate any allergens and dust from your HVAC system. Also, don’t forget to change those filters! Doing so will improve the quality of your air and keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

4. Be sure that any driveway and pathways are in appropriate condition

As the seasons change, be mindful of the driveways and pathways in your home. Concrete and asphalt can be heavily impacted by the swelling and shrinking from changes in the weather, and over time these impacts can cause breakage. Be sure to check out any cracks to ensure there isn’t a larger issue afoot, and make sure to give your pathways and driveways a good soft or pressure wash.

5. Don’t forget deep cleaning!

It’s called “spring” cleaning for a reason. Go through each room. In your house and begin to get rid of any clutter. You can sell these items on platforms like Offer Up or PoshMark or you can donate them to your local charity. When decluttering, don’t forget the garage! Take this time to reorganize and get rid of junk. Don’t forget to remove any hazardous material properly. If you find that you have more to give away than you thought, remember that local charities will pick up items or you can have some fun with a yard sale. Once you have all your unloved items removed, you can begin your deep cleaning or hire a professional to make the space feel like it's brand new.

Follow these tips and more to refresh your home and have a wonderful start to your spring. If you are looking for help with these tasks, Refined Renovations can help to refine your space, even more, this spring. We design, build, and remodel for our clients in the Houston Area and offer easy signup and financing to get the job done. Contact us today at and (713)319-4184.

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