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Important Steps When Remodeling a Bathroom

When it comes to remodeling a home, there will be differences in how a homeowner or an investor chooses to design and where. One place that people often forget is the bathroom. But the bathroom is always a crucial space to design and renovate properly. Leaving the bathroom out of a renovation can leave the home feeling dated and lacking. Read below for some general tips for completing a bath remodel.


Before you get into the fun parts of the remodel, it is important to know what you can afford and where to put your money. Make sure you research, plan, and keep up with your budget to keep you on track. Stay reasonable with both your budget and what you expect for your timeline. Depending on your plan your budget may need to call for things, such as generators, building permits, materials, specialty rentals, or an engineer if you are moving structural walls. Something else to consider is whether this project is a home you plan on staying in. The scope of the project can change depending on if it is a forever home or not. Having a good sense of the difference between what is a need and what is a want is crucial to a sound budget. Understanding your priorities ensures that your budget can be adjusted as needed.


Once you have a budget you can better assess how you will be able to make your vision come alive. You need to choose a design that fits your budget, style, and goals. Maybe you just need some new paint and fixtures or maybe you need to completely gut the entire space. Either way, it is important to create a plan. A good plan should include an understanding of your design style and how you are going to use the space. All these choices can be overwhelming. So don’t be afraid to reach out to our in-house professional designers, they can aid you in design and keep you cost-conscious. Our designers have an eye for what has resale value, how to keep quality finishes and materials within budget, and, most importantly, give you a design that you will be pleased with.

We offer renderings and plans to show the existing space and the potential changes that can be made. Before any changes, you will be able to see what will happen and therefore can control costs by minimizing unnecessary changes along the way.


During the renovation process, there will be many things to consider. One thing to think about is what items will remain or be repurposed and what will be thrown away. Put any items that you are keeping in a secure area so that they do not get confused with trash. Once you know what you are keeping it is important to make sure that all the new items, like materials and fixtures, are onsite and ready for use. Having the necessary inventory readily available will ensure that there are no delays or last-minute changes in design due to a lack of availability. With items onsite, ready, and accounted for it is time for the demolition to begin. Demolition can be both exciting and frightening because this is where unforeseen issues can occur. This is always why it’s important to budget in the contingency we mentioned earlier.

When the demo is completed and the space is assessed, if nothing is wrong, continue on to installing the materials piece by piece. Sheetrock and drywall work should be done and hardie board should be installed in high moisture areas. Then plumbing, electrical, and HVAC should come in to do any rough-ins and towards the end of the project to do a final trim out. Tile crews will install your design selections while cabinets are being made to suit the space and countertops are being fabricated from pre-reserved slabs. Once the tile is installed, then the cabinets and counters are installed. Lastly, a final round of paint is applied and a thorough clean of the job site will follow.

We believe in creating an amazing experience and leaving your place better than how it was when we came in. That is why during the process, we have weekly meetings to make sure we are on time and remain on budget. We do our best to communicate effectively, and we pride ourselves on ensuring that the construction space is cleaned up daily. If you trust our process, you will get professional, clean, and quality work.

Refined Renovations. Is here to help you design and execute your bathroom remodel. We design, build, and remodel for our clients in the Houston Area and offer easy sign-up and financing to get the job done. Contact us today at and (713)319-4184.


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