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Residential Insight: Maximizing Your Kitchen

With renewed energy in the air from the fresh spring season, many homeowners are looking to upgrade and refine their spaces. Some might need a complete overhaul of their home and others might want to focus on larger specific spaces, like the kitchen. If you are in the latter group, check below for some great tips on kitchen storage and trends.

Focus on your counters

Counters are extremely important to the functionality and design of a kitchen. This is probably why, when remodeling, more than a third of homeowners opt to spend more on improving kitchen countertops. In fact, countertops are the most improved feature during kitchen renovations. If you’re looking for the most common countertop material, choose either granite or engineered quartz. Notably, 20 percent of homeowners opted to have a contrasting countertop when choosing their island material.

Maximize your kitchen storage space by exploiting small and awkward places

One of the major complaints homeowners have is a lack of storage. To alleviate this misuse of space, opt for hiring professionals to optimize every inch of your kitchen. One often overlooked place is the toe-kick plate. It is a great place to add a pull-out drawer for easier access to tall shelves or extra storage.

There is also often a misused space in the gaps around appliances, such as the fridge. Kitchen designers can help you figure out what is possible when dealing with these tight spaces. Maybe you can free up pantry space or store your most used spices. The possibilities are endless.

Do you have enough pull-out storage?

Storage is as much about having a place for everything, as it's about having convenience, which is why it’s important to optimize storage space. A great way to do this is to add pull-out drawers to your bottom cabinets. Pull out storage allows for a Birds-eye view of the cabinet contents allowing for everything to be seen at once. If you’re able to see everything you are more aware of everything you have. This is great for reducing duplicate purchases and overspending.

Don’t overlook the importance of Fridge & Freezer size.

Homeowners often have a habit of underestimating the amount of storage they may need, and the fridge and freezer are no exception. Many homeowners opt to have stand-alone deep freezers or a second refrigerator to fit their needs but there are better options. When remodeling, go for larger oversized fridges to accommodate for fluctuations in your food storage needs. You might need more room for the holidays and less during regular months, but it is better to have the space when you need it. Be sure to check in with cabinetry professionals to ensure that your cabinets fit perfectly with your fridge.

You can never be too organized or have too much storage. If you are looking for help with kitchen remodeling and organization, Refined Renovations can help to optimize your kitchen space and more! We design, build, and remodel for our clients in the Houston Area and offer easy signup and financing to get the job done. Contact us today at and (713)319-4184.

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